In this Our Changing Climate video essay, I look at the validity of vegan and plant-based diets as a solution to climate change. I dive into the human and planetary toll of the meat industry, looking at the massive emissions toll of beef production as well as the exploitative conditions in meat processing plants. Ultimately, I consider whether veganism is an effective tool to dismantling the meat industry and mitigating climate change.

  • Discoslugs
    10 months ago

    My room mate with mass cell activation.

    Indigenous peoples who have traditional meat based meals.

    • PabloDiscobar
      410 months ago

      Indigenous people are not actors of global warming anyway. We are talking about China, USA and Europe, and their providers.

      • Discoslugs
        310 months ago

        Agreed. so lets reframe our questions and conversations so that these poeple can participate.