As we have seen a rise of toxic behavior we have decided that it would be time for some rules. We would love other ideas too and feel free to discuss it here.

Also we are thinking about, to put in an Automoderation tool that could help us a lot. Because its currently not easy for us to scan every new comments and reports are rare currently. We want your opinons on that too, because its important to us that this community is based on the people here.

The shortlist that we have currently as idea for the Rules:

  • Be Kind to each other
  • No Hate speech
  • Dont harass people
  • No Racism, sexism and any other discrimination
  • Dont attack other people just because they have differnt opinions (Stay on Topic)
  • Do not double post
  • @ConfidentLonelyOPM
    411 months ago

    Okay I will try to give a bit more insight and it seems that we should add some explanations to the rules.

    • You don’t have to agree with everyone. Disagreements are a fundemental part of a community and its important that we can discuss about things. Of course the fuck word is still allowed. In my opinion at least in the context of this community. I meant its in the name.
    • That is a really hard thing to differenciate for me currently. And I am working on it. But nontheless I would say that you can make a point, probably a far better one if you do not attack the person directly. You can attack the believes or the things that they write but not the person behind that. If you think someone else is going to far and you feel the need to get onto an personal level, you won’t win anything.
    • The line is also not easy, I understand what you mean. It was meant by me in a more general sense to like what I wrote in the point above. We should all be able to make our points and discredit other things without being dicks to other people.
    • Could rename that clearer. Crossposts are completly okay so far. I wrote that in because we had sometimes, but not very often the case several people posted the same video in a short time. Its just there that we can make an easier call on that and delete things that are double. So probably no reposts?

    Thank you very much for your input and I hope I could make my thought process a bit clearer

    • @[email protected]
      310 months ago

      I just subscribed today but I think these rules feel very solid, along with the intent behind them. I especially like the rule about reposts as I don’t like seeing repeated content over and over, regardless how much time has passed in between said posts.

    • @HardlightCereal
      211 months ago

      Thanks for the response, that all sounds reasonable. One more question:

      What happens if I attack someone’s actions and they feel personally attacked? For example, I might say that driving a petrol car, in 100% of cases, will contribute to a child’s chance of developing lung cancer. Another commenter who drives a car may then subjectively feel that they are being called a child murderer. I have stated an unbiased fact, but they have come to a completely logical conclusion and feel upset by that conclusion. So do we act as though I stated the emotional conclusion, or just the unbiased fact?

      • @ConfidentLonelyOPM
        511 months ago

        Of course, I am pretty happy that at least one person had some questions so far. Its in our all interest to make such questions a community thing (:

        As you say, it is nearly impossible to write things, so that no one feels attacked by it. The goal is just to make obvious attacks against specific people against the rules. If someone feels attacked by unbiased facts, then its his problem. Because it would make it nearly impossible to make any discussions. So I would say we act by the unbiased fact.