• @Misconduct
    810 months ago

    I was more of a lurker for much of my time on Reddit but I find myself commenting and upvoting a lot more here because I genuinely want to contribute. I should probably just sack up and start actively posting on the few small communities I’d like to see grow tbh

    • Apathy Tree
      410 months ago

      I should also post but there’s a lot more involved in that. You post your own photos, best strip the metadata. Probably from anything you make originally actually.

      I don’t mind that people don’t contribute top-level content, as long as they engage with it when it comes up. That encourages the people who do want to create, and gives those on the fence more of comfort doing so, because they aren’t alone.

      If it’s a small community, it’s well worth the metadata strip, though!

      I like to sort by new and give the poster a boost when I can, the comments really do make all the difference right now. I’m not a content creator though… but I’m sure the engagement gives them validation as well!