From The Playlist’s review of last year’s “Corner Office”:

Because it’s so drab and one-note, “Corner Office” leaves the viewer with lots of time to contemplate the Hamm Conundrum. To wit: in Jon Hamm, we have an actor who seems genetically engineered for movie stardom, a chiseled slab of masculinity who wears a suit like he was born to it, and is a magnificent actor, plus possesses an admirable refusal to take himself too seriously. He seems born of another era, a time when icons like Mitchum and Wayne and Brando filled our screens, which is part of why he was so perfect for “Mad Men.” And perhaps that’s why he has yet to find a single feature film that suits his skills; as my friend, the film critic Sean Burns told me, he’s a man, and now they make movies about boys.

So perhaps that’s why, its many other virtues notwithstanding, it’s so depressing to see Hamm as the sputtering bureaucrat, a role that any one of a hundred other actors could’ve played, in “Top Gun: Maverick,” a movie about a (59-year-old) boy, and that’s certainly why it’s so depressing to see him succumbing to the temptation of actorly dowdiness in “Corner Office.”

  • @xantoxis
    6410 months ago

    I love Jon Hamm and I hope to see him in some big roles, but

    he’s a man, and now they make movies about boys

    jesus christ dude I think I sprained something rolling my eyes this hard. I’m going to the urgent care and sending you the bill for it

    • Neato
      1910 months ago

      Yeah. They call Maverick a boy but then relate John fucking Wayne as a man?! The guy who spent his horrid life pretending to be a cowboy. A profession that never existed? Pathetically out of touch.

      • Roboticide
        510 months ago

        If John Wayne is the standard for being a “man,” I’ll stay a “boy” thanks.

        I think my wife who I don’t abuse won’t mind it either.