• @BigWumbo
    19 months ago

    Disagree. More room to turn fights with individual plays from all roles imo

    • Pxtl
      9 months ago

      That’s fine for comp, but it means learning a new hero involves completely screwing your team in QP for days.

      If it were up to me? They went in the wrong direction to solve a real problem. There are twice as many DPS heroes, so do 2-2-4 (2 tank, 2 support, 4 dps) comps. Nerf ult generation across-the-board by about 25% so that you’re still getting the same number of ults happening per-game, spread across more players. And give more DPS heroes off-support powers like Soldier and Sombra. And do more to punish barrier-heavy play, like Symmetra does, or just nerf the barriers.

      Offer a 1-1-2 (1 tank, 1 support, 2 DPS) mode for comp for people who want a really hardcore experience.