Sipeed Lichee Pi 4A RISC-V SBC review and Debian demo. This is the first RISC-V computer I’ve tested that’s provided a usable desktop computing experience right out of the box. End-user RISC-V is starting to arrive! :)

You can learn more about the Lichee Pi 4A on its web page here:

And the board has excellent documentation here:

Note that the hardware I used in this video was purchased from AliExpress:

I have reviewed four previous RISC-V SBCs, including the StarFive VisionFive 2, which also (after some messing around) provides a good desktop experience:

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I also have an 2023 update on RISC-V developments here:

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And my general introduction to RISC-V is here:

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Chapters: 00:00 Introduction 00:45 Unboxing 03:33 Specifications 07:26 First Boot 10:37 Debian Demo 18:10 Another Milestone

    • @merthyr1831
      110 months ago

      he said around $150-180 on the video iirc depending on the memory size