What do you guys think about this glasses to use daily to escape Facial Recognition? Worth the price? Does it really work?


  • @PM_Your_Nudes_Please
    2111 months ago

    It doesn’t need to be as dramatic as this. The goal is simply to obscure key parts of the face that are commonly used for individualization. Between the eyebrows, the bridge of the nose, jawline, eye tilt, etc are all common key data points that facial recognition systems use to differentiate between similar faces. You can also try to avoid facial detection from pinging you in the first place, by obscuring the expected oval head shape. Style your hair asymmetrically, have bangs that droop over one eye, break up the expected round shape, use a color that mismatches your skintone, etc…

    Your face paint is definitely an extreme example of the latter. But the important part is that some may actually still be able to detect a face (even if it can’t positively identify them) because they didn’t do anything to obscure the head shape or obscure at least one of their eyes.