And we just the official bullshit of “Well it runs on my PC just fine.” from a developer.

  • @[email protected]
    19 months ago

    Teach me please, sensei. This is exactly my setup, 5600x, 2070s, wqhd and dlss mod. However, I could definitely not crank it up to high, and it still runs at only like 45-50 FPS. Can you maybe screenshot your settings? Maybe I overlooked something that I need to turn off/on?

    • @Rehwyn
      9 months ago

      I honestly haven’t done much tweaking. Really all I’ve done is set it to High and then decrease the Render Resolution Percentage from the default 62% on High down to 57% (which I believe is roughly similar to a DSLL “Balanced” vs “Quality”). I typically end up with around 50-60 FPS I believe, which is plenty for me in a game like this one (it about what I’ve typically aimed for with years of heavily modified Skyrim). Obviously, if it was a competitive FPS, I’d want higher like 120+, but I don’t feel like that’s needed for a single-player shooter/RPG like this one. That is of course personal preference though.