And we just the official bullshit of “Well it runs on my PC just fine.” from a developer.

  • nfntordr
    19 months ago

    Reason why I mentioned is because I’m finding people with better specs complaining… If we just turned the FPS counter off and enjoyed the game without needing to check if it’s dipping below 60 and turned it on if we really needed it, we’d all be a bit more appreciative.

    • @[email protected]
      9 months ago

      Except it’s literally not playable on my system, so I can’t appreciate shit. I meet the minimum requirements, but the second I leave a building interior my fps goes from smooth as butter to unplayably choppy. This is with everything on low, and even the DLSS mod installed.

      I’d accept my PC just isn’t actually up to snuff if not for the fact other people with the exact same specs are saying they’re playing at medium settings comfortably. The only way that makes sense is if Starfield IS, in fact, badly optimized.