And we just the official bullshit of “Well it runs on my PC just fine.” from a developer.

  • nfntordr
    -29 months ago

    No, with my specs I definitely am used to and know what 60fps looks like. New Atlantis may not be 60 but it’s not anywhere near a slide how either. I’m still enjoying it personally but hey, don’t let my contentment get in the way of a good whinge.

    • @V0lD
      8 months ago

      Anything below 60 on your specs should be considered unacceptable

      I don’t think you realise how good your specs are

      Hell, I’d say the same about 120 tbh. Modern games are just unoptimised pieces of shit

      • nfntordr
        08 months ago

        I know my specs and i’m playing native, no FSR and haven’t encountered any stuttering. What am I gonna do? Not play the game because it dips below 60 fps? I’ve been on FPS counter bandwagon and I prefer peace and simple enjoyment over FPS anxiety - for me the counter is only if/when required.