So I’ve been looking for a nice relaxing and/or easy game. Placid Plastic Duck simulator is now on sale. Steam says it’s Playable, but it isn’t listed as having controller support. Does anybody have experience with this game on Deck? Does it require keyboard mapping? Is there a community layout?

Other not really game specific questions I wouldn’t mind an answer for:

  • Is there a way to check for community layouts for a game without owning it?
  • Does buying a game that doesn’t have a demo and then refunding it because its compatibility isn’t great count against me in some way? The refunds policy seems to mention something about abuse, but without a demo I have no other way of knowing.
  • Any recommendations for relaxing games that are great on Deck? Journey was okay, but didn’t capture my attention. I loved RiME.

Best wishes and thanks in advance!

  • madeline's old account
    23 months ago

    i don’t have a steam deck, but i do own this “game.” i don’t think i can check steam deck specific community layouts, but i only see one community layout with my dualshock 4 plugged in. the controls are really simple though, all you need is a way to move the mouse and a few keys mapped, so it can’t be that hard to make your own layout.

    (i also think it’s funny that it calls a “game” that you can’t play “playable” but that’s unrelated.)