Trying to encourage more usage of this community as I still refuse to use Reddit but desperately miss the active community there lol

Post theories/hopes for todays episode below!

I’m hoping to see Thrawn and/or Ezra tonight finally!

  • @7yrael
    55 months ago

    Honestly after the last episode was so good i don’t expect much from this one. But this might be just my cautiousness after all my SW hype got crushed by Kenobi, Boba and Mando S3

    • @Anomalous_LlamaOP
      75 months ago

      Kenobi would have been an excellent 2.5-3 hour movie

      The Leia plot was ok but double rescue was silly and also they barely introduce the Inquisitors and then essentially did nothing with them and also how tf does someone survive being run through with a blade by Vader twice? smh

      Cut the Inquistor stuff and give me a focused rescue story with a face off between Kenobi and Vader and it’s perfect. I love the Inquistors. But the show didn’t do them Justice at all

      Boba Fett was a gigantic L. No idea what they were thinking with that one. Mando S3 wasn’t exciting at all. I like the Bo content but it just had to much filler and Gideons story disappointed me

      Andor was the fucking GOAT tho lol

      I’ve enjoyed Ahsoka so far. Let’s see how it pans out.

      • @[email protected]
        45 months ago

        My only current wish in life is to please let Andor make it through the strikes+Disney budget cuts.

      • ShadowCat
        35 months ago

        I really wish the Kenobi show was more of a character study, showing what his life is like on Tattoine and how everything that happened affected him.

        Show him training to become a force ghost and through that have some kind of force vision that connects him to Vader/Anakin and they can have a duel in that where afterwards neither one of them knows if it was really real, I think that would line up better with previous lly established canon.

        That would be more interesting than him leaving Luke to go on a rescue mission for Leia and also actually meeting Vader