• @stuner
    23 months ago

    I agree that the Tuxedo Nano Pro is very expensive, but the Mac Mini is much more expensive. When you look at the comparable, German prices, it looks like this:

    • 8GB/512GB: 849€ vs 929€
    • 16GB/1TB: 924€ vs 1389€
    • 32GB/2TB: 1044€ vs 2079€ (24 GB only)

    The minimum config prices from Apple look quite good, but they fleece you for the RAM and SSD capacity. And of course you can’t upgrade them on your own. And of course the Mac Mini doesn’t support Linux (maybe Asahi Linux will get there in a few years, but Apple certainly isn’t helping).

    • @3laws
      13 months ago

      Yes, price goes off the roof for upgrads, buts it’s Apple, they’re literally known for scalping their own user base since the 80’s. Nothing has changed.

      Mac mini will never support Linux; is the other way around. Asahi is bootable.