• @GooseFinger
    109 months ago

    I love how people will blindly support nuclear power plants so strongly that any argument made against them is automatically called propaganda.

    My power electronics professor told us the same thing you did, that nuclear power plants are dead because they’re too complex and expensive to maintain in the long run, and that renewables are the better choice at this point. Maybe this will change as fusion reactors improve, but we’re probably decades out before industrial fusion plants start showing up, if they ever do.

    • @Doomsider
      39 months ago

      Two issues here. The fear of nuclear energy was astroturfed by Oil and Gas. This means any irrational arguments against nuclear are propaganda which 99% are.

      The second is there is no reason nuclear projects have to be big and complex. We could easily have small reactors to power towns and remote location. The reason we don’t has a lot to do with fear.

      Simply put we are foolish not to be utilizing more nuclear power.