• @RedditWanderer
    25 months ago

    Y’all are picking at every word. It’s also gmail links.

    The wallet. The lens The hotspot The nearby share Asking me to save every password/login/id to the accounts on the phone. Messing up which account on the phone does what.

    And yes, as you all have so brilliantly pointed out I can use another OS, and another browser, and another share app/drive.

    It almost sounds like I should just ditch the phone with that brand if I’m going to go through all this trouble avoiding it natively

    • Kayn
      5 months ago

      What are you going to replace it with then? Avoiding vendor lock-in on an iPhone isn’t nearly as easy, and every Android smartphone is the same regarding the behavior of Google services.

      At least you have the option of avoiding Google.