Hi folks, I have recently changed my daily driver to ubuntu desktop and I use thunderbird quite a lot. Works good for me. I’ve seen that it has a matrix client (which doesnt work that great for me yet). Do you think it will get a lemmy/masto client as well? Would make sense imo. Have a good one.

  • Quazatron
    610 months ago

    There are already some Lemmy/Mastodon clients for Linux. I don’t really think Thunderbird is a good fit for this use case.

    If you want to read (not reply) your Lemmy feed in Thunderbird you can simply use the built in RSS feed reader.

    • @[email protected]OP
      210 months ago

      I honestly don’t see the harm in integrating it since matrix is already in there and lemmy/masto have a similar structute to email anyway. And having all communication in one app is pretty cool imo.

      Thanks for the tipp with rss though. I didn’t know.