Dear User,

We will soon begin rolling out changes to Reddit’s User settings. It is getting a refresh that includes changes to ad personalization, privacy preferences, and location settings.

As part of these changes, we are retiring a setting that you have previously turned on that limited how we used your activity from the Reddit platform to personalize ads. We have replaced the setting with a new option to select categories of ads that you may not wish to see.

More details are available in our announcement and help center.

These changes are rolling out starting today and you may see the changes over the next few days.

Users will be tracked with no opt out. Posts may be monetized, which will make content even worse No refund or any type of usable credit for users that spent hundreds on Reddit coins The entire vibe has done a 180° since all these new “positive changes” are rolled out.

    • @[email protected]
      7 months ago

      Yeah, people think tracking you for ads will dissuade anyone? Like, Instagram has a content to ad ratio of 33%, and people give zero fucks.

      I don’t think people will ever leave, and I don’t think we should want them to leave either. We can build better, smaller platforms much more easily than we can’t fix the world’s attitude and consumption trends towards the large ones.

      • JokeDeity
        17 months ago

        I mean, having some users isn’t the same as having a ton of users using the product for hours a day. They can still say people are using it, but it’s far from how it used to be (actually goes for Instagram and Facebook as well). There will always be people still using them, but for less time and getting less enjoyment out of it. The majority of users will not use it much at all, only out of some sense of necessity. Instagram and Facebook are literally unusable in my opinion due to ads and sponsored content, most people I know that used to spend hours on those two sites now barely use them at all, and that’s the direction Reddit wants to head in.