The judge who doomed Donald Trump’s family business last week took an aggressive and preemptive step on Wednesday to ensure the former president can’t secretly shift assets to salvage his real estate empire.

In an order that was posted on the fourth day of the former president’s bank fraud trial, Justice Arthur F. Engoron commanded that the Trumps identify any corporations they have—and come clean about any plans to move around money in an attempt to hide or keep their wealth.

It’s a powerful maneuver meant to counter the sort of underhanded moves Trump has displayed so far during the three-year investigation.

  • @grue
    48 months ago

    An ex president has faced a corporate death sentence before?

    An ex president shouldn’t have had a corporation to dissolve in the first place because he should’ve been forced to divest due to the Emoluments Clause.

    • @[email protected]
      08 months ago

      I’m not sure that’s relevant since we’re talking about laws he’s broke, not laws we wish were in place. As far as I know, divestment is not a requirement.