An extremist cult leader and her followers have set up camp in a small Saskatchewan village, 83 kilometres northwest of Maple Creek, near the Alberta border. The group has called for public execution of elected officials and other members in and around the community.

Romana Didulo is known as a far-right QAnon conspiracy theorist. She has declared herself the “Queen of Canada,” among other titles including the national Indigenous leader.

She has amassed thousands of followers by pushing conspiracy theories and what she calls decrees through social media, particularly Telegram — a messaging app that has grown in popularity with the far right.

Didulo and some of her followers, who call themselves the ‘Kingdom of Canada,’ have been travelling around the country for some time. On Sept. 13, they were forced out of Kamsack, Sask., by the townspeople.

  • @Apollonius_Cone
    79 months ago

    The MLA from Cypress Hills is from the Saskatchewan Party who are about wipe their ass with the Charter by invoking the notwithstanding clause over “parental rights”. Very little credibility coming from the provincial government.

    • girlfreddyOP
      9 months ago

      The only thing credible about Premier Scott Moe is his utter fucking stupidity.

      • @keefshape
        28 months ago

        Only if you mean in-credibly stupid 😉