• @[email protected]
    9 months ago

    Let’s say there is no conspiracy, because that’s simplest. The shift to the right comes from systemic factors rather than a shady cabal directing everyone (somehow including Musk). Perhaps there are a few tweaks here and there by bad actors, but not a coordinated conspiracy.
    That makes what he’s doing worse. That makes what he’s doing completely voluntary. He claims to have lofty goals, he claims to be one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet. So how does he explain his promotion of ideology which is destroying the planet and creating suffering? He’s either an idiot, in which case he shouldn’t be in my face ever, or he’s evil, in which case he shouldn’t be in my face ever, or he’s a boring mixture of the two. In which case.

    • @Z4rK
      09 months ago

      It’s pretty clear he’s an idiot socially? I’m not saying there doesn’t exist large groupings of power trying to move opinions to the right, I just think it’s more likely someone just managed to edge Elon on to buy Twitter to be cool and edgy / remake x.com, instead of him trying to plot how to drive society to the right.