I didn’t see this on any privacy guide, but with minimal work, you can have a cloud drive that’s accessible from your phone and laptop.

Basically setup Rclone mounted => Rclone crypt => Rclone + Backblaze. Dump all your files and it works like a normal cloud drive. Android Rclone client is here https://github.com/newhinton/Round-Sync/releases

Round Sync let’s you setup Cronjobs so you can backup all your photos or whatever automatically. I have a job that syncs all my photos to my drive every couple days.

I store a lot in Backblaze and it’s <1USD/mo. I can provide details if there is interest.

  • qaz
    28 months ago

    I’m currently using Backblaze for container backups using an Rclone crypt and can recommend it.