As we have seen a rise of toxic behavior we have decided that it would be time for some rules. We would love other ideas too and feel free to discuss it here.

Also we are thinking about, to put in an Automoderation tool that could help us a lot. Because its currently not easy for us to scan every new comments and reports are rare currently. We want your opinons on that too, because its important to us that this community is based on the people here.

The shortlist that we have currently as idea for the Rules:

  • Be Kind to each other
  • No Hate speech
  • Dont harass people
  • No Racism, sexism and any other discrimination
  • Dont attack other people just because they have differnt opinions (Stay on Topic)
  • Do not double post
  • @[email protected]
    8 months ago

    Our goal is to peacefully encourage more people to cycle and convince car owners to use their car for less trips when viable to do so. A lot of people own cars, would calling them Nazis really help our cause?

    My vision is we make cyclists and public transit users look like responsible happy citizens and attract jealousy of those stuck in traffic.

    • Hanrahan
      03 months ago

      Then why call it Fuckcars? Call it CuddlyPussDriverLove

      I find it good too vent at arseholes who drive. They hold all the power, we’re not punching down here by making fun of, or laughing at them and it can be a relief valve to vent at their choices both directly and indirectly that enable the car centric shit show to.continue. I wouldn’t go into /c/cars and expect angst against cars and drivers but /c/fuckcars ? Yeah… it’s in the name