The Lower Deckers go on a classic cave mission.

Written by: Ben Rodgers

Directed by: Megan Lloyd

  • @merikus
    217 months ago

    This episode gave me such joy. I feel like Lower Decks leans a lot into the outrageous stories, like last week’s Evil Computer and Peanut Hamper thing. Those episodes are fun, but they lean pretty hard into that Rick and Morty humor.

    This episode felt like a Star Trek episode. Mocking the over reliance on cave sets was a great premise, but from there we had a good episode showcasing several minor characters interacting with our main cast. It was a great way to allow them to branch out while sticking to the core relationship between the characters.

    On top of that, the jokes were funny. I almost didn’t stop laughing at the subtle and not-so-subtle jabs at cave episodes throughout the years.

    Personally, I’d like more episodes like this. It really showcases what is great about this show.