radion is an internet radio CLI client, written in Bash.

Radion can be customized as far as the station selecting program is concerned. The user can choose between:

  • read


  • fzf


  • rofi


  • dmenu


Update: Introduced new feature: customizing prompt text for fzf dmenu and rofi.

Update: MacOS support added now thanks to Andrea Schäfer

Also, I was forced by my daughter to add some anime radio stations

Update: Recording functionality added, with the use of another (you guessed it) bash script


Also options in read as Preferred selector are also case insensitive.

Any feedback is appreciated!

  • @folkrav
    4 months ago

    deleted by creator

    • Dran
      34 months ago

      It’s not like I don’t use open source solutions, I use docker for example rather than automating chroots/cgroups by hand in bash. I just use them as little as possible. While you’re correct, I don’t lose data in a well designed open source project, I do lose work, workflow, and convenience when those projects change or shut down. What’s really nice about the pure bash solutions is they’re entirely portable once you have them dialed in. If I wanted to switch from docker back to vms or forward to something like harvester/rancher/k3s I’d be able to port the projects very trivially. If I built everything around one of those projects in mind, all of my work would rely on it not changing. I acknowledge it’s sometimes a little more work but it’s work that I get to decide when to do, not when the project maintainers decide it for me.