Traditionally, retiring entails leaving the workforce permanently. However, experts found that the very definition of retirement is also changing between generations.

About 41% of Gen Z and 44% of millennials — those who are currently between 27 and 42 years old — are significantly more likely to want to do some form of paid work during retirement.

This increasing preference for a lifelong income, could perhaps make the act of “retiring” obsolete.

Although younger workers don’t intend to stop working, there is still an effort to beef up their retirement savings.

It’s ok! Don’t ever retire! Just work until you die, preferably not at work, where we’d have to deal with the removal of your corpse.

  • @kautau
    7 months ago

    Lol even the summary says what they really mean

    3 in 4 of Gen Z would rather have a better quality of life than have extra money in their banks, a report by Intuit shows.

    “3/4 of gen z know that the world is probably gonna be pretty fucked up when they reach retirement age, so they’re doing their best to live an ok life before that happens”

    • @Maggoty
      267 months ago

      Literally all of the climate change stuff they said was going to happen 50 years from now is happening now. So yeah I’m going to be 70 years old fighting for scraps with a billion refugees in lower Canada. Why the fuck shouldn’t I make sure I have fun now? The odds of getting enough money to get out of that situation are vanishingly small so fuck it.