Share your unfiltered, unpopular gaming opinions and let’s dive into some real discussions. If you come across a view you disagree with, feel free to (respectfully) defend your perspective. I don’t want to see anyone say stuff like “we’re all entitled to our own opinions.” Let’s pretend like gaming is a science and we are all award winning scientists.

My Unpopular Opinion:

I believe the criticism against battle royales is often unwarranted. Most complaints revolve around constant content updates, microtransactions, and toxic player communities

Many criticize the frequent content updates, often cosmetic, as overwhelming. However, it’s optional, and no other industry receives flak for releasing more. I’ve never seen anyone complain about too many Lays or coke flavors.

Pay-to-win concerns are mostly outdated; microtransactions are often for cosmetics. If you don’t have the self control to not buy a purple glittery gun, then I’m glad you don’t play the games anymore, but I don’t think it makes the game bad.

The annoying player bases is the one I understand the most. I don’t really have a point against this except that it’s better to play with friends.

Overall I think battle royale games are pretty fun and rewarding. Some of my favorite gaming memories were playing stuff like apex legends late at night with friends or even playing minecraft hunger games with my cousins like 10 years ago. A long time ago I heard in a news segment that toy companies found out that people are willing to invest a lot of time and energy into winning ,if they know there will be a big reward at the end, and battle royales tap into that side of my brain.

This is just my opinion

  • @thantik
    7 months ago

    On TOP of this, the companies know that their market demographic is the under 18 segment, who isn’t mature and lacks the self-control of a fully fledged adult. They bank on this immaturity and use it to further entrench gambling addiction in young adults. The people who excuse this as “oh if you don’t like it then just don’t buy it!” have the absolute most trash opinions of all.

    • conciselyverbose
      67 months ago

      I personally enjoy gambling. Since it’s been legalized here, I have a budget I place at the start of the NFL season and treat it as entertainment. I know I’ll win some and lose some, and I know it’s unlikely I’m ever going to end up up a lot, because almost no one ever is.

      I would have no issue with a game actually openly calling itself gambling and being regulated appropriately and restricted to adults. But there’s a very good reason they’re strictly regulated, and poorly developed frontal lobes (even though 21 isn’t fully developed either) in teenagers/younger are a big part of that. Building those addictive patterns (whether a casino or a hard drug) at a young age is extremely hard to overcome.