Hi, guys. Like in the title. I have orangepi5 with some services like nextcloud or grafana. I would like to access to those instances from outside - but I don’t want to open ports.

Could you guys point me how can I achieve that?

Do I need to set domain for home services? I have heard that people recommends cloudfare tunnel, but I think cloudfare tunnel does not work with subdomain like duckdns. Do I need to buy domain for my case? One more think, if I set this tunnel or maybe other solution- should I go with https (lets encrypt) solution?

Thank You

    • @karcioOP
      37 months ago

      I did not - thank you will try

      • @PeachMan
        27 months ago

        Any self-hosted VPN will work, tailscale just happens to be the easiest to set up. Wireguard and OpenVPN are also popular choices. You only need to use things like CloudFlare tunnels if you want to allow OTHER people to access your stuff without having to use your VPN.