Hi, guys. Like in the title. I have orangepi5 with some services like nextcloud or grafana. I would like to access to those instances from outside - but I don’t want to open ports.

Could you guys point me how can I achieve that?

Do I need to set domain for home services? I have heard that people recommends cloudfare tunnel, but I think cloudfare tunnel does not work with subdomain like duckdns. Do I need to buy domain for my case? One more think, if I set this tunnel or maybe other solution- should I go with https (lets encrypt) solution?

Thank You

  • @karcioOP
    16 months ago

    Thank you for this tip, actually I have second router connected to my main router(from provider) and on this second router I have openwrt - I think I have seen there openvpn option - will check

    • @pixxelkick
      16 months ago

      No problem, the mode you are looking for is called Bridge Mode, and what you’ll need to ensure your setup is, is:

      ISP -> ISP Router -> Your Router -> Rest of the network

      It’s crucial you only have your router as the only thing plugged into the ISP Router, and you want it to be typically plugged into port 1. You’ll need to either look up the paperwork or talk to your ISP about how bridge mode works for their modem model.

      Keep in mind once bridge mode is enabled on the ISP router, it loses its wifi network so the only way after you can connect to it to configure it is by a physical connection, so if you mess it up you’ll need to have a laptop or smartphone you can physically connect via ethernet to port 1 of the isp router to be able to access its interface again.

      But once you get bridge mode working your private router will now get a public IP assigned to it instead and it will act as the “real” router of your network.