This dude posts a wildly racist meme of Michelle Obama. I report the post. Funnily enough, the racist post is posted by the mod of dankmemes, dankchristianmemes and some other shit hole.

Said mod then starts sending abusive transphobic messages to me. Try to report the user. Nothing happens when I hit the button.

Shit like this is why Lemmy isn’t a viable alternative yet. We need to do better and be better.

  • @masquenox
    7 months ago

    there’s only one R in pejorative.

    Thank you for the correction - it’s not a word I care to use much. Also… I copy-pasted it from World News’s sidebar.

    any more than environmentalist or progressive is.

    I have no idea how terms like environmentalist or progressive can be used as pejoratives.

    I know you weren’t asking me

    I kinda need the people with executive power to answer this - I might be new to Lemmy, but I’m not new to these kinds of discussions, and I know better than to invest energy in tackling issues of white supremacism when the people with executive power do not understand (or don’t want to understand) how white supremacism actually works.

    edit: Yes, you can see the comments - it’s all in the modlog down at the bottom of the page.