• @[email protected]
    38 months ago

    Marvel has had a lot of bad drops recently.

    Black Panther 2 Doctor Strange 2 Black Widow Ms Marvel SheHulk Marvel What If?

    These all have really been pretty bad.

    Honestly, I’m in the position to say that the Fantastic Four is fucking cursed.

    Nothing can make the Fantastic Four be good in a movie, short of a blood sacrifice.

    Literally had some of the most popular Marvel Franchises condensed into one Movie, and some how, Doctor Strange 2 absolutely butchered all of them.

    Not to mention that the proposed villain of Doctor Strange 2 from the original Doctor Strange post-credits scene was dealt with Off-Screen.

    It’s absolutely soul crushing to see it come to this. But atleast, it would appear, someone other than Disney has a chance in the Cinema Market right now.

    • @Illuminostro
      8 months ago

      It could be worse. They could hand it over to Snyder. Can you imagine Captain Objectivist?