Hi all,

As many people here may already know, Advent of Code is an annual programming challenge that runs from 1st to 25th December each year where each day a new puzzle is published for you to solve. The puzzles ramp up in difficulty during the month and can test your familiarity with core computer science principles and algorithms.

As the title says, I’m currently going through my entries (written in Dart) to last year’s challenge and rewriting them to run in your browser using DartPad. I’ll be posting one a day until 25th November to the Advent of Code community on lemmy.world.

It’s fairly quiet there at the moment, but I hope that with enough awareness of the community, it will liven up enough over the coming weeks that I don’t have to go back to the other place for interesting discussions and hints next month!

Cheers, Michael

  • @myklOP
    15 months ago

    Yes, when I did a search, I found I had a choice between two quite small and inactive communities, so I went for the slightly larger one. I’ll crosspost today’s post to that community see if it stirs up any more interest.