This is the best coverage of the new Deck that I’ve seen yet.


  • 7.4" OLED HDR screen with a 90hz refresh rate and 600 nits brightness(with 1000 nits peak brightness), (old screen 7" LCD with 60hz refresh and 400 nits brightness). Touchscreen accuracy and responsiveness is reportedly improved.

  • Longer battery life. Improvements to software and hardware are supposed to increase the battery life by 30-50%. New battery is 50wh vs original 40. Original decks will see some of this improvement thanks to software/bios updates, but not as much as the new Decks. The new Deck charges faster as well, charge from 20 to 80% battery in 45 min.

  • 6E wifi module for improved wifi speed.

  • Dedicated bluetooth module, allowing better audio quality over bluetooth and the option to wake the steam deck from a bluetooth controller. Will also support more controllers at once for multiplayer.

  • Faster RAM, 6400 MT/s vs 5500 MT/s on original.

  • More repairable. The screws are now torx, and all thread into metal screw holes. Should prevent stripped screws that were the most common issues with SSD replacements.

  • New carrying case, for the 1TB model, there’s an insert case inside the full size case. The insert can be pulled out and used as a slim carrying case when you don’t need full protection.

  • Weighs 5% less.


$649 - 1TB OLED

$529 - 512GB OLED

$399 - 256GB LCD

For a limited time, Valve will sell a special edition 1TB OLED with a translucent shell for $679, only in the US and Canada. Expected to sell out quickly.

Note: I’m updating this as I get more information, so the written out info will change as I learn more.

  • @[email protected]
    105 months ago

    Yes but they accomplished that by reducing the size of the bezels, like what Nintendo did with the OLED switch. The screen unit itself has the same footprint as the old one

    • @Kbobabob
      05 months ago

      If it has the same footprint why would they need to make the bezels smaller? The screen is 7.4". I think the old one is 7.0". If we can replace the whole front and the glass then we should be able to upgrade.

      • @[email protected]
        5 months ago

        The glass and the screen itself are one cohesive piece. What I’m trying to say is that the glass on the new screen is the same size as the previous screen, and the glass is how the screen is adhered to the front of the case so as long as there’s nothing crazy going on on the back side and it uses the same connector it should be interchangeable. That’s my hope anyway.