I came across everyday topic on Techlore Discussions about free and open source keyboards for Android and discovered this little gem. It is FlorisBoard, a virtual keyboard for Android which respects privacy of the user. I can sigh with relief and finish my search for that singular keyboard for typing stuff on the go.

It has everything I need and more.

  • Multilanguage support: detailed layout options, popular presets
  • Swift and glide typing experience
  • Customizable gestures: switch language by fast swiping the keyboard itself left and right, change case by swiping up, the infamous cursor swipe on space bar
  • Emojis
  • Clipboard
  • Smartbar: quick actions and clipboard cursor tools
  • One-handed mode
  • Other look-and-feel settings
  • @[email protected]
    06 months ago

    Dunno how SwiftKey does it, but florisboard allows you to switch language by swiping, check out the demo video in OP

    • PrimalHero
      36 months ago

      SwiftKey you don’t need to switch language. If both languages use the same same alphabet you can use both of them interchangeable without doing anything. For people that use multiple languages it’s very useful.

      • Carlos Solís
        26 months ago

        Can FlorisBoard implement the same thing? As a Spanish/English user, having both keyboard predictions available at once has become vital for my workflow