I have a Wordpress site and recently ran into the problem of having too many images for my hosting services. But my job involves photography, so I was wondering where a good starting point would be to set up a physical server in my home to host all my photos for my website on Wordpress. Is that possible? I don’t know where to begin with searching either.

  • @[email protected]
    77 months ago

    It’s probably easiest to look at one of the many plugins for WordPress that allow you to use AWS S3 for image storage (and make sure you’re resizing images when serving them to users even if you want the high-res ones still available for download).

    A bit more advanced would be adding cloudfront before your S3 bucket to save on bandwidth costs.

    Be careful with AWS though, you’ll need to keep an eye on costs, and you should really think about whether you want to keep uploading your images at full resolution instead of resizing them first so they’re optimised for display on a website.