There are countless Distros that do not always make it easy to choose the one that best suits each person’s needs and knowledge. This page, through a small test, proposes the Distro or Distros that best fit.

  • @TCB13
    26 months ago

    It has automatic updates… at least with gnome software.

    • @[email protected]
      26 months ago

      Automatic as in “no user interaction required”? Also gnome software uses packagekit, which makes updates less stable and slower.

      I dont need any confirmation dialog. A system has to either:

      • be stable
      • always autoupdate
      • give a message that a reboot is needed

      Or a Laptop or so also has to listen to battery state and unmetered network.

      Unmetered network is hard though, as its not a phone with cell Data but its always wifi, simply in case of a phone hotspot not unmetered. This is not recognized currently afaik, so all networks are set as unmetered and autoupdates would eat your cell data.