Here’s my two cents.

Many of the original Steam Deck users initially gravitated towards the device for its promise of a “cheap” and convenient, console-like PC gaming experience. Now, with the impending release of the new OLED model, the online marketplaces have been inundated with a huge amount of used Decks at crazy low prices. So, considering how good (for the price) the Steam hardware still is in 2023, and how close we are to Xmas is not too much of a stretch to think that both new and used consoles will have a huge sell.

So what?

Well, i do believe that this further grow may actually push the game developers to release more “deck optimized” games in 2024. The pressure is already there and with more users this trend may actually grow.

What do you think?

    • ekZeppOP
      7 months ago

      I disagree. The the first deck wasn’t a beta, was simply new. The increase in performance and battery life that the actual lcd model had thanks to the continuous updates is clear. The new version is not the Deck 2, considering the very similar gaming performance. This is simply a refresh, just as the switch oled and the psp5 slim, same performance with newer optimized hardware. This is exactly why i think that the actual marketplace prices for the used lcd 512 Deck are the best deals one can possibly wish for right now.