• @AtmaJnana
    6 months ago

    None of my business

    And yet you couldn’t resist a judgy comment.

    You’ve never had a machine for several years while your needs evolved? Have you never had a change in your living circumstances? Never had to shift priorities because of things beyond your control? That’s great for you, I guess.

    The box is several years old. It was bought before the pandemic and before lots of other shit that has happened in my life that I won’t bother to relate. Once upon a time there was adequate space, thanks for your concern. The machine in question has 2x1TiB SSD in addition to about 22TiB of spinning rust on SATA, as well as a 2Gb connection to 76TiB of NAS storage. Overall my storage utilization is at around 86%; I don’t buy storage space to leave most of it empty. So suffice to say, if I could make time for it, there’s plenty of other places to move stuff, there’s just no need because I don’t have a new SSD to put in its place and the machine is on 24x7 so hibernating is a non-issue.