“I’ve heard some rumors about it,” he tells us of a potential follow-up. “But I don’t know anything yet. But I feel pretty confident that it may happen.” When we ask if he’d be happy to return, Pine responds: “Absolutely.”

    • @ashok36
      146 months ago

      I’m willing to bet it did very good on streaming though. The success of BG3 also can’t be ignored.

      HAT laid a good groundwork. The writers and director are passionate about the IP and there’s an established base of support. I honestly think they’d be crazy to let the opportunity pass.

    • @[email protected]
      116 months ago

      I wonder what the impact of the boycott was. Bad timing for the movie studio that the IP had that OGL debacle just prior to release

    • @Stamau123
      36 months ago

      What marketing genius put this in the run next to the Mario movie

    • SokathHisEyesOpen
      16 months ago

      What a shame that is! This was the best movie of the entire year. People spend a billion dollars to see the 20th marvel movie, but don’t go see this masterpiece? WHY?