Title. Long,short story: creating or editing files with nano as my non-root user gives (the file) elevated privileges, like I have ran it w/ sudo or as root. And the (only) “security hole” that I can think of is a nextdns docker container running as root. That aside, its very “overkill” security-wise (cap_drop=ALL, non-root image, security_opt=no_new_privileges, etc.).

It’s like someone tried to hack me but gave up halfway. Am I right or wrong to assume this? Just curious.

Thanks in advance.

  • @TootSweet
    43 months ago

    It returns that while you have nano running? If so, maybe try ps aux (without the grep part) and just look through until you find “nano” listed. Just to make sure whether it’s running as root or your non-root user.

    (And just to be clear, “my sudoer username” means the non-root user that you’re running nano as, right?)

    Just a gut feeling, but it feels to me so far like this probably isn’t a hack or security thing. But of course, once the (no pun intended) root issue is found, that’ll provide more info.

    • @GustavoMOP
      13 months ago

      No. ps aux remains the same. And yes, “My sudoer username” is my non-root user with sudo privileges. Therefore, the “sudoer”.

      And I’m not really “pulling my hair out” because of this, honestly – just curious if this can be mentioned as a hack, a hack attempt, or whatevertheheck. Because this is the first time in my entire life that this happened with me, so yep.