• @[email protected]
    8 months ago

    Since this is already a repost ( https://lemmy.world/post/8619860 ), I’ll repost my reply:

    For those who weren’t keeping score, we’ve got:

    • a YouTube star fresh out of self-imposed exile after admitting to multiple instances of sexual misconduct
    • an endless array of clips from Fox News
    • extended interviews with a Fox News contributor and creator of shock content for licensing
    • access to the president of the San Francisco cop union (SFPOA)
    • awkward name-dropping and China and large tech companies characterized as boogeymen
    • demonization of harm reduction strategies
    • no effort to interview professionals with experience, interest or training in helping people in need (ie: social workers, or healthcare professionals)
    • a subscription pitch baited with more shock content

    This looks a lot like Andrew and Channel 5 making a flip to cater to specially bonkers alt-right audiences.