• @LifeInOregonOP
    07 months ago

    There are plenty of places to buy good meat in the US, but many people don’t bother looking. I live in a small town, and we have a butcher shop that works with local farmers and provides everything you listed above. You’re correct about the threat that Walmart and other national chains (Krogers is the worst, honestly) that have “out competed” small businesses so they can put the cheapest three meats of the lowest acceptable quality in front of people at “value prices”.

    • Che Banana
      17 months ago

      Absolutely. Growing up it didn’t used to be this way, but now the shareholders must feast while plebs get the feedback pigs. On the other hand, the US dodged a bullet with not approving (most of) the importation of meats and poultry processed in China…could you imagine even lower standards than what is on the market now (and probably laced with a little led flavor enhancers).