I’m starting to get tired of people talking about Reddit on Lemmy. I personally don’t care about Reddit anymore and am not interested in Reddit news.

I already blocked c/reddit that helped. Is there anything else I can do? Is there a way to hide posts that contain a keyword?

  • @FearTheCron
    528 months ago

    Very good response. To see less complaining about Reddit, make more posts about other things. Lemmy will be what we make it. I have spent two weeks posting into the void with the community I started and I’m finally starting to see engagement. These things take time.

    • CMLVI
      118 months ago

      I think this is what a lot of people are missing here. Lot of people asking for specific content, but very few are willing to make it.

      Like I used to do some amateur in-depth looks at my college basketball team, but stopped due to just general life stuff and that is would get drowned out by memes about bar graphs. Now, though, there is an audience hungry for it, and it may be something I get back into a little bit.