• @TootSweet
    38 months ago

    Very cool. Are there laws about practicing medicine without a license (at least in some jurisdictions) that might need to be navigated carefully when, for instance, making a prosthetic or some such for a human?

    I remember looking into the OpenEEG projecct long ago. I remember hearing of folks getting into legal trouble for lending a homemade EEG unit to someone else. Not sure if that applies to 3d-printed “medical … and quality-of-life” devices (for humans.)

    • @[email protected]OP
      8 months ago

      I believe there is, hence the notes on the sidebar and wiki; this started from someone on reddit that could not afford a prosthetic. I am just moving a copy here as I helped with that one. The wiki is open to edit for such a page, which will be done eventually if it takes off.