• @TeaHands
    36 months ago

    We didn’t get tickets for the actual live final, so had a party house rented a short drive out of Liverpool along with some friends for the Saturday night. Can confirm even the ones that started the night thinking they didn’t care about Eurovision were shocked by the end!

    Loreen is a legend but that song was just not great. So many others deserved it over her and it’s a bit depressing that the jury members chosen have such consistently bland tastes every year.

    But also, like, it’s a song contest. I may be obsessed, I may have an ever-growing group of US friends I’ve introduced to the spectacle, I may learn all the words to songs in languages I don’t understand and I may have sewn myself a special flag dress for Liverpool. But it’s a song contest, I’m not actually furious about it like some people were 😅