• The whole point of science is you don’t have to trust it because to follow the scientific method, it must be reproducible.

    You can read the paper yourself and determine if there are any holes to poke in the methodology or examine any biases. But ultimately, you can reproduce it yourself.

    Comparing science to a religion is flawed because religion mandates belief whereas science, by definition, does not.

    • @Solumbran
      07 months ago

      Science doesn’t mandate anything, but people do in the name of science. Covid was a perfect example of that, with so many “doctors” leading a cult (Didier Raoult from France managed to gather so many believers that he ended up having a worldwide impact which slowed down research of a vaccine globally).

      Those people do believe in science, and as soon as a “scientist” tells them what they want to hear, they believe it because they think that it’s science. If you define science only by the ideal scientific methodology then of course it isn’t comparable to religions.