UAW, which represents American auto workers, recently won a victory in their strike against the “Big Three” auto companies. Among the benefits:

  • RAISES: Expected to range +33% to over +160%. (after including forecasted COLA and CWIs.)
  • It now takes 3 years of employment to reach top pay rate (was 8).
  • Company spending on many workers’ 401(k)s boosted to 10% of salaries.

Now, the UAW wants workers at auto companies other than the “Big Three” to go union so that they too can make improvements in their life. And the first step is as many workers signing up as possible. Workers at these companies can do so at the following links.

After clicking the link, click the big “Sign your Union Card” button (scroll up if you don’t see it), fill in your details and check your email.

  • @Zoboomafoo
    85 months ago

    The UAW has been on a tear lately