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Hi folks! Today I have asked myself if I could login with one (no, not google or apple or micosoft) account in all the (30 I think) forums that I have to use as a FOSS admin. Nextcloud Forum, Ubuntu Forum, Mint forum, Makemkv Forum, Papermc Forum,, etc.

We obviously are on a forum-like social platform but we cant make people use this as their forum I suppose. Ideally, I’d like to federate “all forums” so to speak but that would probably take a shit ton of work.

If not federate the content, maybe federate the logins. So that the profiles federate from one place to the next and you can login anywhere without having 30 different passwords for one “service” (forum in this case).

The next step down would be a foss SSO solution. There seem to be some but I hardly see any pages mention them possibility at all.

Am I missing something or is this still in the distant future?

Thanks for reading. Have a good one.

  • @Zak
    14 months ago

    I agree, though I suspect it could lead to an abuse problem by making it very easy to create disposable identities. I’d like to see a federated reputation system for both individual identities and domains to improve that. For forum-like communities, that would likely mean users without enough positive reputation get their comments held for moderation.