Tapper was visibly disgusted after ex-Israeli ambassador Mark Regev victim-blamed nine members of a CNN producer’s family who were killed in Israeli airstrikes.

  • @blazeknave
    106 months ago

    Have you read about their parliament in the last three years, over three months ago?

    • @sirboozebum
      96 months ago

      So what? What about the last 20 years before that?

      They were perfectly happy with his policies towards the Palestinians and settlement of the West Bank.

      His only mistake was trying overturn the powers of the Supreme Court to save himself from corruption charges.

      • @blazeknave
        16 months ago

        Huh? His party has only been in power half that time. Even now he’s only still around by gaming shit like the GOP with the electoral college and changing laws. He’s not popularly elected.

        How many Israelis have you talked to about Palestine and 2 or 3 state solutions? Are you aware how many want a separate state for the Orthodox bc they don’t want theocracy or to go to war for others’ religion.

        I don’t think you’ve been following the nuances for 20 years. At least you don’t sound informed as one would be. Apologies if I’m incorrect.