At the stroke of midnight, recreational marijuana became legal in Ohio.

Voters approved last month that adults 21 and older are allowed to use and grow cannabis.

However, Ohio Republicans may be putting the brakes on it.

On Monday, Ohio Senate Republicans proposed banning at-home growing, increasing the substance’s tax rate, and altering how those taxes get distributed.

The ballot measure, dubbed Issue 2, passed on the Nov. 7 election with 57% of the vote - but since it is a citizen’s vote, the legislature is allowed to make tweaks to the law.

  • @chitak166
    -216 months ago

    it takes less human density to be capable of the lack of empathy of which conservatives exemplify.

    Lol, what? If anything, my time in the city has shown my firsthand how being around more people makes each one matter less.

      • @chitak166
        -196 months ago

        I think you won’t admit there’s anything worse about cities compared to the country.

        • Aniki 🌱🌿
          6 months ago

          Nice strawman. I’m not for the city life. I live in the boondocks. But I’m an old man, did my time in some of the biggest cities in the world, and never once felt like a nobody because of how many people I knew when I lived there. I never felt more connected to people than when I lived in a city.

          • @[email protected]
            36 months ago

            You have to like people to live in a city. If you don’t, you’ll go crazy. Because there’s so many people.

            Also, lol at anyone who mentions “the city”. You know they’re just talking about the local 10,000 person tiny town.

    • @Furedadmins
      16 months ago

      People can’t be vested in more dense areas, true. You can’t care about every individual you see. But you also don’t get the hate and dehumanization of other groups nearly as much since everyone is on your tribe.