We all know this, but this might be a good article to share with friends and relatives, it’s two years old, but I hadn’t seen it before.

TLDR: University of Adelaide (in Australia) scientists examined meat eating in cultures world wide, and found that more meat correlates with longer life.

They point out that previous research efforts indicating meat causes bad health are badly designed and suspect on the face of them, but even more suspect with this study

  • @[email protected]
    67 months ago

    This is just a correlation, not a causation.

    The real factor influencing life expectancy is likely going to be wealth. Poor countries have little/expensive meat and a low life expectancy. Rich countries have much/cheap meat and a medium life expectancy. And wealthy people in rich countries will have the highest life expectancy, even though they’re more likely to eat a vegan diet compared to the poorer people in those countries.

    As a result, if you look at it globally, on average, people with a high life expectation are eating tons of meat. But if you look at just rich countries, people with a high life expectancy are eating less meat.

    And if you’re thinking, the green people are faking studies, consider for a moment, if we would really deem life expectancy worthwhile, with the planet getting gradually less worth living on from here on out.

    • @[email protected]OP
      7 months ago

      They controlled for wealth, they controlled for other calorie sources.

      They found that in groups otherwise alike (so same wealth level, same region, same cereal intake, etc) those who are meat lived longer, more meat, more longer

      Anyway this is one of those correlations that make you wonder what could be a confounding factor (after all they controlled for). It’s not like vegetarians, where the data are clouded by their generally healthier choice of food and a more active lifestyle than the general population

      Sure us carnivores get fit, but we’re not typical meat eaters, most are not even in ketosis even first thing in the morning

      If you’re that worried about the near future, and don’t want to see it, I recommend the standard American diet